ADI Standards Check Training

What is the new ADI standards check?

The ADI standards check Training in Tipton are an essential part of maintaining quality among driving instructors. The aim of the standards check Training in Tipton is to assess your ability to instruct and whether your instruction helps a person to learn in an effective way.

The new check will assess how well you meet the national standard for driver and rider training, which is why it’s being called a ‘standards check’. This standard sets out what you must be able to do, and what you must know and understand to provide training to drivers and riders.

The ADI standards check booking letter

When it is time for you to take your ADI standards check test you’ll receive an invitation letter saying:

You are now due your ADI Standards Check. Please book this online at within 14 days of this letter. To access this service, you will need a valid email address. You will not be allowed to cancel this appointment online, however you will be allowed to change the date once. The ADI registrar can consider removing your name from the register if you fail to book a Standards Check within the given time, or if you fail to attend a Standards Check.

In order to book your ADI standards check  in Tipton test online you will need your driving licence number and your ADI personal reference number.

What happens during the ADI standards check?

The ADI standards check will be conducted by an examiner observing you delivering a normal one hour driving lesson. To start with your examiner will ask you for some background information about your pupil, such as how many lessons they’ve had and what you’ve been working on recently. You must demonstrate clearly to the examiner that the needs that you’ve identified have been discussed and agreed with the pupil. The examiner will then tell you to deliver a lesson in exactly the same way as you would normally do. You’ll be assessed against all of the competencies set out on the standards check form.

What should I take?
  •  Your ADI registration certificate, even if you aren’t taking money for the lesson
  •  A pupil
  •  Car that is:
    • Fitted with rear seat belts (Note If the car has rear head restraints these
      should be fitted)
    • Roadworthy, safe and reliable (Note Soft top convertibles are not acceptable)
    • Displaying L plates (or D plates in Wales) if appropriate

The above points are very important as your ADI standards check in Tipton will not go ahead if you don’t bring these with you. It’s your responsibility to know the area around the test centre where the standards check is taking place. We strongly advise that you take some time to familiarise yourself with it.

When the standards check has ended

At the end of the standards check the examiner will give you feedback about your performance and a copy of the standards check assessment form. This will help you to understand your strengths and where you might look to develop your competence. You won’t get any additional written reports or follow-up letters.

More information about the ADI standards check Skills, knowledge and understanding required

As an ADI you are responsible for the standards check lesson. You should make sure that you have sound knowledge of the area around your chosen driving test centre (DTC) so you can:

  • Plan the lesson
  • Give appropriate directions to your pupil during the standards check

The pupil that you choose to bring along to your check test can be at any level of ability, but they cannot be on the ADI register or have passed the ADI part 2 test.

Following completion of your standards check you’ll receive one of three grades as listed below.

  •  A grade (85% or over) – an overall high standard of instruction
  • B grade (60% or over) – a sufficient level of competence
  • Fail (less than 60%) – an unsatisfactory performance
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