Intensive driving courses

What is an intensive driving course?

Essentially, intensive driving lessons teach learners in a shorter time frame than usual. While they usually include submissions for both the theory and practical test, there are also semi-intensive courses available which allow you to take time out while you pass your theory test.

However, the aim of all intensive courses is to get learners passed in the quickest and safest way possible.  Intensive driving courses are usually offered in one or two-week periods, and each day of driving could entail up to six hours on the road.

What are the benefits of taking an intensive driving course?

The biggest benefit of an intensive driving course is the time period. Often, people who undertake a course will have a week booked off work, or will be close to returning to school or university. Instead of learning over a period of six to eight months, some prefer to squeeze driving into a smaller timeframe, meaning that everything can be done and dusted in less than a fortnight. 

At the beginning, learning to drive can be overwhelming. Intensive courses tackle this head-on, gradually increasing your confidence on the road as every day passes.

Should you take an intensive driving course?

Everyone works differently. Some people thrive off the pressure and wish to pass as soon as possible. Other people have learnt to drive in the past and want a quick re-cap and weeks’ worth of driving to get them back up to speed. 

However, if you’ve got the time available, conventional lessons will allow you to experience a wide variety of weather and road conditions throughout your time as a learner. If there’s no rush, take your time!

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