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Why Learn To Drive with Sandhu Driving School?

  • 95 % of pupils would recommend us to friends & family.
  • We offer crash courses 7 days a week.
  • Automatic and manual driving lessons.
  • Excellent pass rate
  • Experienced DVSA approved instructors.
  • Female & male driving instructor.
  • Block Booking  Discounts.
  • Modren  Heman-duel controlled cars.
  • Home pickup & drop off.
  • No car sharing, 1-to-1 tution.
  • Weekend & evening lessons without extra cost.

We insist on giving you the full dedicated hour – No car sharing, you get the full 60 minutes.Guaranteed to be driving on your first lesson.

What to expect from my first driving lesson?

Many learners are surprised to find themselves feeling a little bit nervous on their first lesson for first time. Feeling a bit Nerveous before your first driving lesson is to be expected. Every driver on the road today has been where you are right now.

It helps if you know what you first driving lesson will involve beforehand, so make sure you prepare. You’ll pick things up much easier if they’re familiar to you and you feel confident about what happens next.

The pickup

Your driving instructor will have arranged a pickup location with you – most likely your house, or outside your school, college or work. You don’t need to get behind the wheel just yet! Your instructor will pick you up and drive you to a  quiet street free from traffic – the ideal place for you to get to know the basics.

learn basics(The cockpit drill)

Our Driving Instructor will help guide you through your first driving lesson. Our Instructors will show you all the controls of the car and how to move away to begin driving. 
While parked, your instructor will talk you through the DSSSM cockpit drill – how every motorist should start their journey:

  • Doors securely closed?
  • Seat in a comfortable position?
  • Steering position ok?
  • Seatbelts on?
  • Mirrors adjusted?

Getting to know the car

Now your instructor will talk you through the car control’s, including your ABC – accelerator, brake and clutch. You’ll learn how to operate the indicators, mirrors, handbrake and the gear stick.

Move off & stop safely

Depending on the length of your lesson, you should now get the chance to actually drive. Don’t worry about making mistakes as your tution car is fitted with dual control and your instructor can control the car if you doing any mistakes.

Before you get going, your instructor will talk you through some of the driving basics, which may include:

  • Moving off – this is a phrase you’ll hear a lot. It means getting the car and gears ready for driving off from a stationary position
  • Clutch control – how to find and operate the clutch, including finding the bite point
  • Signalling
  • How and when to change gear
  • How to stop the car – ways that you can use the brake, handbrake and clutch to slow and stop
  • Basic parking – tips for how to park at the kerb

End of lesson

End of lesson your instructor will then drive you back to your drop off point and you can have a discuss about how the lesson went, and what you’ll cover in the next lesson.

Don’t forget to take your provisional licence photocard with you for your first lesson.

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