Automatic driving lessons

What’s the difference between Manual and Automatic?

Manual cars have a clutch, brake and accelerator. You change gears yourself using the clutch pedal and gear lever. Automatic cars have a brake and accelerator only, no clutch. The car changes gears for you, this makes learning to drive easier and generally means you will reach test standard with fewer driving lessons.

Because of the simpler driving style needed for automatic vehicles many new drivers feel that automatic driving lessons are easier while other new drivers enjoy the challenge and experience of driving a manual vehicle.

If you are in a rush to get your driving licence because of schooling, work or other reasons, you may want to consider focusing on passing your driver’s test in an automatic vehicle, as most drivers find that they need fewer lessons and pass their test quickly. You can always go back at a later date and take lessons in a manual vehicle and then test again for your manual driving licence.

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Gear changes

In an automatic car gears are changed automatically. As the speed increases the car will automatically change gears up and as the car slows down the gears will automatically change to an appropriate lower gear. You do not have to master the co-ordination of the clutch, gear lever and accelerator. This makes learning to drive an automatic car easier than a manual.

Automatic driving lessons in Tipton

Manual Gear Lever
Used for selecting gears when driving. The clutch must be used when changing gear, moving off and stopping.

Automatic driving lessons in Tipton

Automatic Selector
Used for selecting drive when moving off and driving. All gear changes are made for you by the automatic gearbox.

Automatic Driving Licence

When you pass your test in an automatic car you are licensed to drive automatic cars only. To drive a manual car you would have to pass another driving test in a manual car.

Manual Driving Licence

When you pass your test in a manual car you are licensed to drive both manual and automatic cars.

Your Automatic Driving Test

The procedure for taking your driving test is exactly the same, whether you’re in an automatic vehicle or a manual vehicle. However, taking an automatic driving test eliminates the risk of stalling the car and any struggles you may encounter with clutch control, which is often why learner drivers opt to start their driving journey in an automatic car. Manoeuvers such as a turn in the road or a hill start, which are usually a daunting prospect in a manual car, are made much easier to handle in an automatic car due to the lack of gears and a clutch, meaning as a learner you have much less to contend with during your automatic driving test.

Can You Stall an Automatic Car?

Many new drivers are nervous when it comes to driving a manual car because of the possibility of the car stalling. This can be frustrating, intimidating and even dangerous. Many assume that an automatic car can’t stall.

As long as the engine is functioning correctly and the car is being driven in a responsible manner, it should not stall. Some of the more common reasons behind an automatic car stalling include faulty sensors, a vacuum leak or problems with the intake or fuel system.

Manual Vs Automatic

Driving a manual vehicle takes a little more practice and involves a few more steps. For this reason, many new drivers prefer to learn with an automatic vehicle.

There are pros and cons to both sides. If you pass your test in a manual vehicle, your driving licence will allow you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.

However, it might take longer for you to pass and you might need more lessons than with an automatic, making it a more expensive process.

Automatic driving lessons in Tipton

Manual Car Pedals
Clutch, Brake & Accelerator

Automatic driving lessons in Tipton

Automatic Car Pedals
Brake & Accelerator

Can i drive an Automatic car with Manual driving licence?

Yes, once you pass your driving test in a manual car, you are licensed to drive both automatic and manual cars.

However, the opposite is not true. If you pass your driver’s test in an automatic car, you are only licensed to drive automatic vehicles and will need to pass a separate test in a manual car in order to drive both types of vehicles.

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