Become a Driving Instructor in Tipton

Driving Instructor Training in Tipton

Training to become a Driving Instructor Training in Tipton doesn’t just give you a job, it gives you a vocation offering years of extraordinary job satisfaction and flexibility. Here are just some of the reasons you should change career Driving Instructor Courses in Tipton become a driving instructor in Tipton.

  • Be Your Own Boss – Being a Driving Instructor Training in Tipton allows you to be your own boss. You control the days and times you work to be flexible around family and life’s events.
  • Supply the Demand – Demand for Driving Lessons in Tipton across the UK is on the rise. Driving Instructors are needed nationwide to meet this demand meaning a great opportunity awaits you.
  • Earn More – You decide when you work, so you decide what you earn. More hours of tuition means higher earning potential. We estimate a Driving Instructor Training in Tipton working the same 40 hours as an office worker can earn between £35,000 – £40,000 per annum.
Driving Instructor Courses in Tipton
Become a Driving Instructor in Tipton

Being an approved driving instructor (ADI) can be a very rewarding career: you’ll help people to learn an important skill for life.

The job involves working with all sorts of people so you’ll need good people skills as well as
  • Patience and understanding
  • A thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of driving
  • An ability to teach
  • Awareness of changes in the regulations for driving tests, as well as driving instruction
  • Business sense.

You’ll also need to check that you’re eligible to apply to become a driving instructor, Driving Instructor Training in Tipton. Take a quick test on GOV.UK to find out whether you can apply. This test will also tell you what to do next to become an ADI.

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Before you can start training to become a driving instructor in Tipton you will need to have had a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) obtained through the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) contractor, Capita Recruitment Vetting Service (CRVS).Before you can begin the testing process to become an ADI you must have held a full licence for three years (a foreign or automatic licence can count towards the three years).  You must also be able to read a vehicle number plate from a minimum of 27.5 metres (90 feet) and pass the DVSA three part driving instructor examinations – which we will go through in more detail below. If your licence has penalty points (generally a maximum of four) it is unlikely to affect your application and those points already spent will not count. But you must not have been disqualified from driving during the last four years, not even for one day.In order to become a driving instructor in Tipton there are three rigorous ADI tests which applicants are put through. Our driving instructor training course in Tipton is designed to help you pass these tests providing you with all of the knowledge and materials you need.

The ADI examination is in 3 parts:

>>Part 1 Theory Test (Multiple choice/hazard perception)

>>Part 2 Driving Test (Able to driving with high standard)

>>Part 3 Instructional Ability Test ( It’s a test of your ability to teach pupils.)

PART 1: Theory Test

The ADI Part 1 is the theory test specifically tailored for aspiring driving instructors. It is part 1 of the three tests that you need to take in order to become a fully qualified driving instructor. 

Become a Driving Instructor in Tipton

The driving instructor theory test is formatted in the same way that the learner driver theory test is laid out however, there are some crucial differences between the two. Here are some of the differences between the driving instructor theory test and the learner driver theory test:

  • The multiple-choice pass threshold is 85%
  • There are 100 questions 
  • Hazard perception pass threshold is 57 out of 75 
  • There are 2 sections to the test, to pass you have to pass the multiple-choice and the hazard perception on the same day 

Hazard Perception and Multiple Choice Test 

The multiple-choice section of the test has 100 questions that you have to answer. You must achieve:

The ADI Driving Instructor Multiple Choice Test Categories are as follows: 

  • Road procedure (you need to have in-depth knowledge on this topic) 
  • Traffic signs and signals, vehicle controls and some understanding of car maintenance 
  • Driving test, the law and disabilities( you will need to be well versed on the most recent laws and regulations) 
  • Teaching techniques and understanding how to convey information to learner drivers 

To pass the multiple-choice section of the test, you need to get 85 out of 100. You need to score 85% to pass overall, a minimum of 20 out of 25 in each of the 4 categories. It is vital that test candidates study each section extensively because you must score at least 20 on each category to pass. You cannot get 20 on 3 categories and then a lower mark on the other section, you would fail the test. 

In order to pass the driving instructor theory test, you must take, and pass the hazard perception section of the test too. The hazard perception tests your driving awareness skills which is crucial if you want to be a fully qualified driving instructor. This is what the hazard perception test consists of: 

  • 14 video clips (you need to spot the hazard in each clip) 
  • All the clips include one hazard 
  • One clip contains 2 hazards 
  • You receive 5 points for hazards that you identify correctly 
  • You need 57 points to pass the hazard perception test 

You can book your driving instructor part 2 test, which is the practical portion of the test once you have passed your theory test. 

If you don’t pass the theory test the first time, you can retake it as many times as you like until you pass. However, with the other driving instructor tests, you are limited to a maximum of three attempts. 

Part 2: Practical Driving Test
Become a Driving Instructor in Tipton

Practical Driving Test Includes:

  • Eyesight test :

You must take an eyesight test to ensure you can read a number plate – 26.5 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate and 27.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate.

  • Vehicle safety questions:

The test examiner will ask you a series of five questions. Three of these questions are known as “tell me” questions. The remaining two questions are “show me” questions, here you will have to demonstrate your ability to take instruction and perform the required driving manoeuvre. If you become a driving instructor, these are the same questions that you will be asking your students. You will get a minor fault for providing a wrong answer, you will get a major fault for losing control of the vehicle when you are answering the show me questions. 

  • 3 ‘tell me’ questions (where you explain how you’d carry out a safety task) at the start of your test, before you start driving
  • 2 ‘show me’ questions (where you show how you’d carry out a safety task) while you’re driving

This is the most important part of the test and you must be able to demonstrate all of the following: 

    • A skilled handling of vehicle controls 
    • Understand and demonstrate correct lane discipline and road procedures 
    • Ability to anticipate and plan for potential hazards 
    • Ability to consider all road users 
    • The correct judgement of speed 
    • Eco-friendly driving 
    • Be able to cope with all traffic conditions and situations 
    • You might be asked to perform an emergency stop 
Reversing Manoeuvres 

You will need to be able to demonstrate your manoeuvre capabilities with expert precision because you will be teaching these same manoeuvres to your learners. Your test examiner will ask you to do two of the following manoeuvres. 

  • Reverse parking into a bay 
  • Drive into a parking bay and reverse out of the bay 
  • Parallel parking 
  • Stop on the right side of the road and reverse for two car lengths then rejoin the traffic 
  • Pull up next to a car and reverse into the space to the rear of the car. You need to be able to stop near the curb and within two car lengths of the car 

To pass, you need to be able to demonstrate expertise and the ability to maintain all-around observation and consideration to other drivers and pedestrians. 

When the test is over, you will be given your test score. If the examiner gives you less than 5 minors and no major fault, you would have passed part 2 of the driving instructor test. You can now take part 3, the teaching ability test. 

Note: You can only take this test 3 times. If you fail all 3 tests, you cannot take another test until 2 years have passed. The 2 years is counted from the date you passed your theory test.

Sandhu driving school offer tailored training packages for ADI part 2, designed to work around your other work commitments.

Part 3: Instructional Ability Test

Sandhu driving school is an ORDIT registered driving school, The DVSA recommend you should only undertake practical training to become a driving instructor with Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) who are listed on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT).

The ADI part 3 Training in Tipton test allows you to demonstrate your teaching skills to an examiner. For this you will have to carry out a driving lesson with a real learner, the examiner will sit at the back and observe the lesson. 

Your task will be to choose a subject for your learner, your lesson must be well thought out and planned and you must fully focus on the needs and abilities of the learner driver. 

The third test is your ability to teach learner drivers which is conducted by a DVSA Supervising Examiner and lasts approximately one hour.  you’ll be marked, amongst other things, on how you identify and correct mistakes.

To begin with, you give your examiner a runthrough of your lesson plan. Then they’ll be introduced to the pupil. You then explain the purpose of the lesson to the pupil, noting that it’s you that’s under examination, not them. It’s also worth asking them if there’s anything in particular they’d like to cover in the lesson.

From there on in, you should conduct a lesson as normal. A key criteria you’re being assessed on is risk management, so it’s vital that the lesson is conducted as safely as possible. If you put yourself or anybody else in danger or potential danger, the test will be stopped immediately and you’ll fail. For this reason, you should pay close attention to your surroundings and other road users’ actions at all times.

At the end of the lesson, you give your pupil their feedback. Then you’ll be left alone with the examiner, who will give you your result, and any observations they may have on the lesson.

Tab Ali
Tab Ali
Just want to say a big thank you to sunny for helping me pass my ADI part 2 test today , from the start to end sunny helped me passed my part 2 with his experience knowledge of advanced driving techniques and his positive attitude towards every lesson to the end , I couldn’t have asked for any one better to help me achieve and pass this part , would highly recommend sunny to any one achieving to pass there driving , thank you so much sunny can’t wait for part 3 , thanks 🙏
Belal Alsadi
Belal Alsadi
Sunny is a very good ORDIT trainer I passed my part 3 with him first time. Thank you sunny for all your positive advice.
Nazrah Nazir
Nazrah Nazir
I have just passed my Part 3 with the excellent help and support from.Sunny. A very dedicated and professional instructor. He believes in his trainees and makes them achieve to the best of their ability. A great team leader of an amazing team.
Pinderjit Kaur
Pinderjit Kaur
Sunny is a excellent Trainer who help me to pass my adi part2I highly recommend Sunny for your ADI practice. Thank you !!
akikur rahman
akikur rahman
Sunny is very professional, honest, creative and polite. Great value for money and top class training and support. His teaching technique is very clear and easy to understand. Fun to learn with Sunny.I have been an ADI for nearly 11 years. I moved from London to Walsall and didn't teach for 4 years.When my Standard Check came, I failed. I lost all my hopes and confidence. I booked training with a few ORDIT trainers during my career as a PDI & ADI. SUNNY IS BY FAR THE BEST I HAVE COME ACROSS.He treats you like a brother and a friend. He will go out of his way to help you.What can I say about Sunny? Whatever I say isn't even in words. I have great respect for him in my heart.Today I passed my Standard Check 😁Thank you Sunny.
ADI training part-2 and part-3.Sunny is a excellent Become a driving instructor (ORDIT) trainer who help me to pass my adi part2 and part3.I highly recommend Sunny for your ADI practice. Thank you !!
Andrei Chiricuta
Andrei Chiricuta
Thanks Sunny for helping me become a fully qualified ADI. I passed both part 2 and 3 with his help. I recommend Sunny for your ADI practice or just to get your licence as he is a very knowledgeable ADI, has a lot of good information that can improve your skillset and has enough patience to make sure you understand it and apply that information in your lessons. I will remain with his school as he is treating his ADI's fairly and he is also a good friend that you can approach to talk about any issues you encounter. Big thumbs up and thank you again!!
Eesa Ahmed
Eesa Ahmed
Sandhu is an excellent guy! A very good trainer, professional and the best in the area by far, I managed to prepare for my part 2 by having a couple of training sessions with him. Highly recommend, thank you sandhu 👍
Chiricuta Andrei
Chiricuta Andrei
Sunny is brilliant. I went to him to improve my driving. He spotted my mistakes right away and we established a plan to correct them. After some lessons, I was able to eliminate a lot of them. The result? ADI part 2 first attempt pass with a few minor errors. Thank you!
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