Driving Lessons for Hearing Difficulties

Driving Lessons For People Who Are Deaf Or Hearing Difficulties

There is no reason why the hard of hearing or a profoundly deaf person cannot learn to drive in either a manual or automatic car, Being deaf is not a disability in its self, it’s merely a communication barrier.

Automatic car may be easier but if you pass your test in this type of car you will be restricted to only driving automatics, if you pass in a manual you can drive either. If your driving instructor has access to both manual and automatic cars you will be able to try both and then make a more informed judgement about which you prefer.

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Being deaf is not a disability, it’s a communication barrier. Finding a specialist driving instructor who has already overcome this barrier will make communication easier;  finding a good “Deaf Aware” driving instructor who is aware of your needs and requirements will help.

We are now Pleased to be able to offer Driving Lessons to people who are deaf or hard of hearing in Tipton & surrounding Areas.

We are one of the only driving schools in the local area that specializes in teaching the profoundly deaf and hard of hearing to drive. Our Approved Driving Instructor is fully trained in teaching the deaf and the hard of hearing to drive.

Driving instructor who has already overcome this barrier will make the communication between instructor and pupil much easier and this will be a definite advantage if you sign, using a good “Deaf Aware” driving instructor who is aware of your needs and requirements will prove invaluable.

We plan each of your driving lessons to suit your individual needs and has developed a simple safe signs whilst driving technique to help you learn on the move. This means you will spend a lot more time driving and a lot less time parked next to the kerb.

If you’re deaf or have a hearing impairment

On the test the examiner will use written notes at the start of the test to explain what will happen. If you lip read, they’ll also look at you so you can lip read what they’re saying.

The examiner will usually give directions to you as hand signals. These will be explained to you before your test starts.

I started to have lessons from Sandhu driving school and it was great experience to learn from Sunny as I've got disability (deaf) with limited communication but Sunny makes every lesson easy and makes it easy for me to understand what he's saying. I pass today first attempt with just three minors, I would like to say big thanks to Sunny for his patience and to help me.

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